Understanding Body Building

80% of work in building your muscle is of your diet, not the weight you lifting. Remember, mind set plays an important role in muscle building journey. Be accurate, consistent and flexible in your workout, nutrition and lifestyle it is the most important part of fitness.

Patience is underrated by most people nowadays – But you need to have patience with consistency. But alone patience cannot do all the work for you along with patience you need to have pereservance and right training which will definitely help you in building the right body.

Actually knowledge is the power. If you have enough knowledge about muscles anatomy and nutrition, then you will easily build your muscle mass in a very short period of time span ,with the help of proper workout, nutrition and recovery and right training.

Lifestyle can affect your muscle building journey, you should always focus on what you eat because 80% of work on building your body is the matter of your diet. So keep your lifestyle in a disciplined manner. Don’t be rigid.

Nutrition for building muscle mass

Nutrition for building muscle mass, Remember your protein diet should be equal to the amount of work out you do on daily basis.

Individuals who are attempting or thinking to build a body by adding muscles and strength, they need to go through energy or calories surplus mode throughout there workout period. As per modern research, individuals who want to build muscles, they don’t need to go through high protein diet in fact very high protein can harm your body in many ways.

You will get benefited more by eating higher amounts of carbohydrate and fats during this phase of your training. Carbs and fats will give you more calories to play during muscle building phase, but also remember excess of anything is bad. I recommend you to take 25 – 35 % of total calories through fats and the remaining through carbs which will be enough for a average workout training.

Now if you doing training and also taking fats and carbs in your muscle building now  let’s talk about vitamins and minerals intake. Remember, During this muscle building phase, individuals should consume fruits and vegetables as fibre is also needed and the amount of fibre should be 1 serving of fruits and vegetables per 1000 calories you intake you should always keep the fact in mind that eating in whatever amount can be harmful for your body.

So whenever you are doing height reps with light weights or heavy weight, you try to take less recovery time in between the sets because the heat produce in the body will be gone if you take to long to do the next set and always try to keep the intensity of training high.


Most of people believe that only workout can build our muscle mass and can help us build a better body or gain a good muscle mass. But it is not fact, the fact is along with workout you have to focus on your nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle, if anything of this is missing you will not be able to build your body successfully. All are equally important.

You won’t boost your anabolic activity naturally you have to work on this and it will buid over a period of time.

This, muscle mass you want will won’t grow without any anabolic activity of yours. So just take care of above mentioned aspects and start building your body with Fitfamilyonline.com today.

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